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Ah, here it is. My most frequently asked question. What is the key to looking good in photographs? Is it the filter? The angle?

How many times have you shown a friend a few options before posting online only to have the response that, “They all look the same…” or “I don’t see XYZ problem you mentioned…”?

The thing is — no one notices the flaws that you see in yourself. Not even one bit.

I remember there was one point in time when I refused to Instagram a photo of myself because I didn’t like it for one petty reason or the other. I didn’t like the way my arms looked… thought I was too chunky in one region or another… maybe it simply just wasn’t a good pose. Who knows?

Point is, we have all been there and we are all constantly looking for ways to make ourselves appear more attractive in photographs. It is what it is.

Over the past few years, as a photographer, I have surely learned a few camera angles that flatter features the best… used a few cropping methods to slim arms… picked outfits that sparked joy… ensured that I posed clients to the best of my ability for the most flattering outcomes (#meltyourshoulders)… BUT…

What is my number one tip that has a 99% success rate in photography?

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To look good, you have to feel good about yourself.

Clique, yes… But so so SO true.

I can’t drive this point home hard enough.

If you do not have confidence in yourself, an enthusiasm for life and passion that carries through everything you do and every relationship you have… chances are — you’re not going to love the image you see.


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Here’s the secret to photographs: The feelings you felt in that moment in time are likely to dictate whether or not you like a certain photograph.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at your own profile picture. What emotions were you feeling while you took that photograph? It’s likely that you felt some kind of joy in that moment.

I had a client who was attempting to climb the UNC Charlotte front sign and was shocked to hear derogatory words being yelled out a car window from someone stopped at a stoplight. The vehicle was packed and someone shouted something about the client’s weight. The client bursted into tears. It was an awful ending to an overall really fun photo session. The photo may have been beautiful in terms of composition or framing, but do you think that client would be thrilled to be reminded of that memory?

I have a friend who once told me he just couldn’t take a good photo. I was shocked! I held this friend in high esteem and found him very attractive, yet he didn’t see that in himself.

Are you living a lifestyle that is conducive to high self esteem and self worth?

The people who you surround yourself with and even the items in your home have a huge impact in your overall health (and potentially body weight, according to Marie Kondo — read her book, it’s delightful!)

Something to think about! ;)

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