You Don't Get The Ass You Want By Sitting On It | Vika's Victories

vika jagdeo

Now that I’ve got your attention…

What’s one thing you have always wanted to do, that you have found yourself putting off?

Take a second. Think about it.

Start a garden? Better your nutrition? Go to the gym? Build a following on social media? Start a business? Find a new job? Go back to school? Blog more (HELLO, that one’s for me)…

Now, what’s holding you back?

Time? Money? Distractions? Fear?

vika jagdeo

There are quite a few things that make my eyes roll back: Drivers who don’t use turn signals, people who are distracted by their phones and people who sit on their ass.

Not literally.

I’m talking about the people who push things off until next week because there’s always an excuse.

But here’s the thing: There will always be an excuse.

You will always have hardship.

But… You will always find a way to make things a priority if you care to make it a priority.

My dad (being the teacher he is) taught me two things (as I probably rolled my eyes in the passenger seat): Don’t put things off until tomorrow that you can do today and time/tide wait for no one.

The time will pass anyway. Might as well make use of it.

Do you know how many times I struggled at making clean eating a lifestyle change? It was a process (that I’m still learning!!) that took months to get a hang of.

What are you doing today to get closer to your dream?

Ushvani Jagdeo