Timeline & Budgeting For Your Senior Session

You’re broke… but you want the best photos for Instagram to one up your friends (let’s be real)! What steps can you take to save a few Benjamins to get you booked with the photographer of your dreams?


Skip the PSLs. I love Starbucks, don’t get me wrong, but frappuccinos estimate $5+ (especially if you’re extra and want extra pumps of pumpkin spice and everything nice). Opt for freshly brewed Pike Place or the Veranda blend (it’s a blonde roast and my absolute favorite). Your body will thank you for skipping the extra sugars and milk.

Skip the booze for some boos. Skip the pricy drinks, taxes and tips. Host a night in with scary movies and Pinteresting (get it? Interesting, but from Pinterest… ha!) fall drinks. Check out these 20 Boozy Fall Drinks & Cocktails or 8 Fabulous Fall Cocktails. They’re sure to be a hit!

Skip the expensive dinner dates out for a night in. Get your hands sticky with caramel with these Easy Caramel Apples and Bewitched Halloween Popcorn.

Skip the gas pump by utilizing the new Blue Line extension of the Lynx Light Rail! With stops at NoDa, Epicenter and South End — you are set! Skip the cost of the Uber surcharges and hop on the light rail. It’s free with a UNC Charlotte student ID!

Skip the mall. This is something that pains me to write, because I’m a shopaholic. Think about how many times you have gone to the mall just because or spend that super cash just because. I typically wear 20% of the things in my closet and forgot I have half the things I do in my closet until I accidentally find them. Think about reorganizing your closet for the fall and you might be surprised with what you actually find.


And then the usual tips: sell old textbooks, sell old clothes to Plato’s, get a side hustle (Uber, makeup, hand lettering, Cricut signs, etc). If you’re shooting for a portrait session in mid-November/onward, you will need to save $28-45 a week (lowest to highest portrait package with me).

As far as timeline goes, you will need to put down a 50% deposit in order to lock your date in. The sooner the better! Fall/winter gets booked up fast due to daylight savings time and holiday card mini sessions. I can only do portrait sessions on the weekends during sunrise and sunset, which is approximately 7am and 4pm.

To book your Fall 2018 graduate portrait session, click here!

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Ushvani Jagdeo