Details List for Brides & Grooms


Wedding days can be SO hectic!

Where are my bridesmaids? I can't find my favorite lipstick!! Where's the florist?! Are the centerpieces perfect? Who has the rings?? Where are my shoes?!! Wait, he can't see me yet! The groomsmen are late?? Wait, the ceremony starts in an hour??!! Why aren't you dressed yet?!! Aaaaaand cue the family drama. 

It's hard enough remembering to pack your garter, much less the rings, so here's a little list for you to refer to before the big day. It will take some weight off your shoulders and make your photographer the HAPPIEST in the world, I promise you!

The items below are used in getting the perfect Pinterest-styled photos of your wedding details, which you have spent SO long deciding on. Those invitations didn't print themselves! No one will ever know how long it took you to decide between the monogrammed wax seal and the fleur-de-lis wax seal. BUT we appreciate the time and energy that you have put into making ever single detail on your wedding day well thought out and perfect!

Sit back, relax and glance over this before your big day!

two copies of wedding invitation with envelopes

special stamps or wax seals


original ring box

ring dishes

all rings

jewelry (earrings, necklaces, heirlooms)

flowers (petals, single stems from centerpieces) 


vows (if written) 

bridesmaid’s dress

wedding dress  




ribbons/cloth from centerpieces

personalized gifts

bible (if applicable)

handwritten notes

Ushvani Jagdeo