Karlie Fiore | 49er Graduate | Charlotte, NC

What degree(s) are you earning? What do you plan on doing after graduation? 

BA in both Sociology, and Political Science. After graduation, I will be working for the U.S. Senate in a regional office here in Charlotte, NC. 


What organizations were you involved in?

I was a YoungLife leader at a local highschool for 2 years, and I was active in intramural sports on campus.


Favorite spot on campus and why? 

My favorite spot on campus is the entire area surrounding the star in the center of campus. I love this spot because there is a lot of greenery, with the best views of the key spots on campus. There is a beautiful view of the library, student union, and the courtyard area in front of the union. It is all around a great spot when you are trying to see “your campus.”


What has been your favorite memory at UNC Charlotte?

    Way too many to say! When I think of memories at UNC Charlotte, the overall image of friendship comes to my mind. Even though it is not a particular memory, the friendships I have made here will always be the best memory.


Most valuable lesson learned during your college career?

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned is to not let time pass you by while you are too busy wondering what other people are doing. Often times, people can get caught up in the idea of college life, and will particularly focus on living it right. In reality, there is not a “right” way to live during your college years. I have learned to focus on, and cherish the friendships I have built over the years that will truly last a lifetime and to filter out the things in my life that do not give me joy.  


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