Mannat + Gurtej Proposal in Uptown Charlotte | Charlotte, NC

Y'all. Let me tell you about this proposal! 

I just met Gurtej a few weeks ago. When he told me he wanted to propose on (not just her birthday) BOTH OF THEIR BIRTHDAYS and in Uptown — I was over the moon! 

We planned SO HARD! 🤣 Made a list of “what if’s” and solutions (peep the umbrella ☔️)... scouted the perfect location only to be told that no photos were allowed on that street (bank building rules, who knew?!) LITERALLY AS THEY WERE ON THEIR WAY! 😅😅

We quickly changed to a backup plan right in front of the Blumenthal theater, which had JUST released the audience from Hamilton btw 😅😅😅🤯🤯🤯 and had a street performer in the exact spot we had in mind. We managed to find an alternate to the alternate location WITHOUT HER KNOWING A THING! 

She admired the buildings and he got down on one knee as she was gazing up. 

She turned around to the best surprise! 

Y’all. I loved this so much! And these two! They are SO incredibly in love and happy with each other! The look on Gurtej's face says it all!! #actualgoals

Ushvani Jagdeo