No Limit, Baby | Vika's Victories


When I first started photography, I cringed at the thought of charging someone $50 for a 2-hour long portrait session. I felt like I was not good enough, until I learned to call myself a photographer.

I now confidently charge almost 10 times that price for the same amount of time.

When I first started CrossFit, I thought snatches were the most dangerous and uncomfortable lift I had ever experienced. I never thought I would upgrade to the “big girl” bar (35lbs), until I learned to call myself an athlete.

My 1 rep max was nearly 100lbs for a snatch to overhead squat, pre-op.


When I first started yoga, never did I ever think my “cheetah” or “twisted cheetah” would ever reach my triceps — much less be able to arm balance into a “crow” (pose shown above). In fact, I laughed along with a few other people in class when our instructor showed us this, as a handful of students attempted and successfully got into the pose — until I realized laughing was a defense mechanism because I did not believe I would ever be serious or consistent enough to be able to nail it.

I was able to do it for a second a few weeks ago, which has now turned into a few seconds (on a good day) and that is a huge win is my book.

What limits have you put on yourself? Because of past life experiences, doubt, fear, social media…

What limits has society put on you? Because of your education, your appearance, your origin, your past, your religion, your socioeconomic status, your ability, your gender…

The list goes on.

There are so many factors that may seem to work against you. This week, I challenge you to learn how to recognize negative self-talk and try to catch yourself when you unintentionally place limits on someone else.

Ushvani Jagdeo