UNC Charlotte 49er Graduate | Hot Spot Series | The Football Field

THE hottest commodity! 

Everyone loves the football field! There's nothing more collegiate than getting your graduation portraits taken on your Alma Mater's field. 


It showcases your university's colors!

You have the chance to finally set foot on the turf (instead of trying to storm the field after a win ;))! 

You were likely to have many fond memories at the stadium, whether its was witnessing the inaugural season in 2013 or just having a great time with your friends!

The bleachers are so fun to play in when no one is around! It's a great spot to get a few seated photos and to get creative! 


Access is dependent upon the football team's training schedule.

The field is not open on weekends. 

Typically permission is only granted between 11am-1pm, when the lighting from the sun is most harsh. 

Overall, nothing shows your Niner Spirit more than photos showcasing the field!

Ushvani Jagdeo