UNC Charlotte 49er Graduate | Hot Spot Series | The Front Sign

My favorite!!

My absolute favorite. 

Let's start with the obvious:

It's the most iconic part of campus! This is my most requested spot, with good reason. It seems like it is on everyone's bucket list to climb this sign!!

To add on to that, the lighting is just DEVINE! It makes for the perfect glitter-blowing location. The sun just off to the side, behind the sign, so it reflects beautifully on confetti and glitter. 

There is natural beauty all around, making for perfect backdrops to display your cap (which I know you've worked HOURS on)! 

It's the perfect spot to capture "light, bright and airy" portraits that your family is sure to love (and frame)! 

Not to mention the perfect patch of grass, off to the side, that are perfect for classic laying portraits!

You'll receive LOTS of honks, screams of "CONGRATULATIONS!" and encouragement from the cars passing by on University City Boulevard.

There's also lots of nooks and crannies that you can temporarily park at!

There's always a shadow side to each location and here are the flaws of the front sign: 

1. Busy, busy, busy! With cars turning in and out of the main entrance of campus, sometime we have to wait an extra few seconds to get a clear shot! Patience builds character ;) 

2. With it being one of the most popular spots, you may have to wait your turn in climbing the sign. No biggie! 

3. Speaking of which -- climbing the sign is a challenge of its own! It's higher and harder to climb than it looks! I'd recommend a boost from a friend who will be tagging along during your session or bringing a step stool. 

4. Depending on who is using the front fields, parking may be very limited. To avoid this, start taking note of when the marching band practices, when students play soccer on the front fields, etc. 


This is my go-to spot and my #1 recommendation if you are undecided on where to go! You just can't go wrong!! 

Ushvani Jagdeo