Please list first & last names of your full bridal party members, as well as their titles (ex. MOH, Best Man, etc).
What colors will your bridal party be wearing? Anything out of the ordinary (funky socks, funky ties, etc)?
When's the big day?
What are the locations of where the bride and groom will be getting ready?
I'd love to hear about any family heirlooms that you may be including!
Name of Venue & Address
What time is the ceremony scheduled to begin and end?
Use this section to describe your wedding ceremony in significant detail! Please list any religious or cultural traditions, explain restrictions for photography during the ceremony, and any ceremony details that I should keep an extra eye out for!
Name of Venue & Address
What time is the reception scheduled to begin and end?
Use this section to describe your wedding reception in significant detail! Once you've said I do, the party begins and my goal is to capture all of the important moments of your reception seamlessly!
What is the approximate amount of time that it will take to travel from the ceremony to the reception?
If you would like a photographer/videographer on board, please let us know ahead of time. Also, be sure to account for an additional body to be included in your transportation head count.
Name, Phone Number & Email
Approximately how many guests are you expecting?
Name & Contact Information (email address preferred)
Name & Contact Information (email address preferred)
Name & Contact Information (email address preferred)
Bubbles, etc.
Sparklers, etc.
If there will be a cocktail hour: when/where/approximately what time will it take place?
Buffet style or served? Also, please note that a light meal is required for events up to 6 hours for the Photographer. For events up to and past 8 hours a full course meal is required. If no meal is provided, it is understood that the Photographer will leave the event to purchase a meal. If a second photographer is booked, please account for their meal as well.
First Look
Would you like a "first look" photograph?
Do you have any specific photographs in mind that you would like? Disclaimer: I do not guarantee that these will be taken, but I will make it a priority to capture the shots listed below.
This is very important! Please list family group shots that you would like. List their preferred names and denote if the family member belongs to the bride (B) or groom (G).
What is the most detailed timeline of your wedding day that you currently have? (How long do you have the venue for? Ceremony time? Reception schedule? Etc...) Be as detailed as you can! :)
Do you have any special requests or unique qualities of your big day that we should know about?
Where are you going and for how long?
After your wedding day has passed, my job has just begun! The downloading, storing, culling, editing, and overall image-preparation process can take six to eight weeks, with longer waits possible during the height of wedding season! Please your email addresses and mailing addresses!
Iā€™d love to brag about all of the effort you put into your wedding day on my blog! Please feel free to share some of the details and other vendors here. (Ex. hairstylist, makeup artist, wedding planner, dress designer, dress boutique, invitations and paper goods, florist, caterer, DJ or band, videographer, transportation, wedding cake or dessert, cake topper, etc)