Haley Pearce | 49er Graduate | UNC Charlotte | Charlotte, NC

What degree(s) are you earning? What do you plan on doing after graduation? 

I am receiving a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. I am currently living back in my hometown, Clayton, where I am searching for jobs.

What organizations were you involved in? 

During my time at UNC Charlotte,  I was a member of the Theta Mu Chapter of Sigma Kappa Sorority.  I served as the Vice President of Philanthropic Services and loved every minute of it.  I am so blessed to be a part of an organization that taught me so much.  

Favorite spot on campus and why? 

It is hard to pick which spot on campus was my favorite.  I have always thought that UNC Charlotte had a beautiful campus and I loved going to football games to cheer on the Niners, however, my best memories were made at my sorority house.

What has been your favorite memory at UNC Charlotte?

Instead of one favorite memory, I have many wonderful memories.  They begin with the relationships I have made with my sorority sisters, classmates, and professors. They have all been there through the ups and downs and those are the moments I will remember forever. 

Most valuable lesson learned during your college career? 

The most valuable lesson I learned was to hold yourself accountable. In college, you become your own person and responsible for yourself. You are the one that determines if you succeed or fail. It is important to surround yourself with those that encourage you to be your best self. While they make a huge impact on your life, at the end of the day it is up to you. This lesson is something that I will carry throughout my life. 

Haley, I knew we would get along just fine! Us Exercise Science majors need to stick together! You have a warmth and charisma about you that is so welcoming and contagious. I love the amount of detail that you put into your session and the meaning behind your props. Congratulations on making it to the finish line and best of luck on your job hunt! You are sure to do great things!

Ushvani Jagdeo