Kaitlynn Risi | 49er Graduate | UNC Charlotte | Charlotte, NC

What degree(s) are you earning? What do you plan on doing after graduation? 

I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree in English Education with a minor in secondary education. After graduation, I plan to find a job in a local school to teach high school English. 

What organizations were you involved in? 

I was not involved in any organizations during my time at UNCC. I had to work a full-time job throughout my education, and by the time I got to UNCC I was considered an adult student, so I didn't have the same experience that a lot of students have who go to college straight out of high school. 

Favorite spot on campus and why? 

Honestly, as nerdy as this sounds, I LOVE the library. I am a huge book nerd anyway, so it is not very surprising that the library is my favorite place. I would not have made it through my last few semesters of college without being able to go to the library to get work done. I can't even count how many nights I spent in the library all night studying and getting other work done. It was my motivation zone. If I tried to get work done at home it just didn't happen because of all of the distractions.

What has been your favorite memory at UNC Charlotte?

I think the most memorable thing about UNCC is the relationships I have built, as well as the overall experiences with some of my favorite professors. I have been to multiple community colleges over the course of my education, and none of my classes from those schools stand out as much as the ones I took at UNCC. A lot of my professors at UNCC challenged me to think more critically about the world around me and challenged a lot of my beliefs. I think that is super important in college, and I am thankful for all of those experiences.

Most valuable lesson learned during your college career? 

Well, considering that I graduated high school in 2009, have been going to college on and off since then, and it is now 2018, I feel like I have learned a lot of valuable lessons! I switched my major so many times before now, took time off, switched from school to school as I moved from city to city, and have finally almost made it to the finish line. I would say the most valuable lesson I have learned is to make sure that you do something that makes you happy. Follow your passion, whatever that may be. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you're too old, or that you can't do something.  

Kaitlynn, you are one of the most kind-hearted people I have ever met! You go out of your way to show appreciation for others and that is something that just can't be taught! I'm so glad you finished what you started! I wish you and Joe nothing but the best! <3

Ushvani Jagdeo