Laurel Idol | 49er Graduate | UNC Charlotte | Charlotte, NC

What degree(s) are you earning? What do you plan on doing after graduation? 

I am earning a bachelor of science in biology with a minor in psychology. After graduation, I will begin traveling for my sorority, Sigma Kappa, as a Leadership Consultant. In this position, I will travel across the country visiting different Sigma Kappa chapters helping with chapter operations, officers and more!

What organizations were you involved in? 

During college, I was a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority, where I served as Vice President of Communications and Chapter President. I also worked in Housing and Residence Life as  a Resident Advisor  and Housing Ambassador. My senior year, I was an Orientation Counselor (If you wanna be a star you gotta wear green, so follow me to the Queen, I'm your OC 14!) for the Office or New Student and Family Services.

Favorite spot on campus and why? 

It is hard to narrow it down to a "favorite" spot on campus, so I will say that I love all parts of UNC Charlotte! My daily walks to class or from building to building were truly my favorite. My favorite thing was the feeling I got just walking campus around seeing other students and the beautiful scenery. It just felt like home. 

What has been your favorite memory at UNC Charlotte?

My favorite memory by far was a combination of my involvement. UNC Charlotte gave me so many different opportunities as a student, all of which I am very thankful for. Serving as an RA, OC, and in my sorority, I learned so many valuable lessons about myself and others and those are memories that I will hold to forever.

Most valuable lesson learned during your college career? 

The most valuable lesson that I learned over the past couple of years was to never be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone. So many wonderful things happen when you take chances and go out on a limb. I've met people that are so special in my life, taught lessons I will never forget, and grown more than I could have ever imagined. Leaving this campus and going to the next chapter of my life is bittersweet but I'm oh so thankful for the past couple of years. 

Laurel, I'm so happy to have celebrated so many milestones with you lately!! From graduation to your sweet new baby nephew. I'll forever be grateful for the relationships we made as Housing Ambassadors. You are a radiance about you and have got to be one of the sweetest people I've ever met. You have a warmth about you that is unlike no other. You are a joyous and natural nurturer and will positively make a difference across college campuses. Your Sigma Kappa sisters across the country will be luck to have you! Enjoy your new adventure and soak in every minute of it! I just know you're going to love it!! 

Ushvani Jagdeo