On Wednesdays, We Craft! | Week 2 | Ornaments & Jingle Juice


Came across the cutest plaster and wooden ornaments as I wandered around Michaels for 2 hours... They were super cute and on sale, so why not? 

I decided to host an ornament party ("Jingle & Mingle") and wanted to share the results!

(SPOILER ALERT: They're not the cutest things, but here are some tricks we learned and if you scroll long enough, you'll find a the recipe for my infamous "Jingle Juice" ;) You're welcome!) 

And yes, of course, my tree is blush and rose gold!

Here's what you'll need... 

  • Plaster Ornaments (>$1 // Michaels) 
  • Wood Ornaments (>$1 // Michaels) 
  • Arcrylic Paint ($0.50-$2 // Michaels) 
  • Paint Brushes ($5 // Michaels) 

Not necessary, but useful... 

  • Pearlescent Watercolors ($5 // Michaels)
  • Mod Podge ($1 // Dollar Store) 
  • Glitter ($1 // Dollar Store) 
  • Pouring Medium ($17 // Michaels) 

(Image Above) This was done with pearlescent watercolors. They add a special shine to the ornaments! Highly suggested over plain 'ole acrylic paint. 

To add glitter, cover the desired area (swirls, in this case) with Mod Podge. Sprinkle glitter, let dry and remove! 

Honestly, these were super hard to neatly paint. If you're good at Mandala books, this will probably come easy to you! Otherwise, best of luck to you! Also, they are made of plaster, so beware that they may break if they hit the floor. 

So, let's just get to the good stuff (the real reason why you're here)... 

Here's what you'll need... 

  • Wine Glasses
  • Sugar
  • Limes (fresh!) 
  • Prosecco (La Marca) 
  • Red Moscato
  • Vodka (Tito's) 
  • Cranberries
  • Mint (fresh!)
  • Ocean Spray Cran-Apple Juice
  1. Rim the glasses with lime juice. Dip in a bowl of sugar. 
  2. Add 1/2 shot of Vodka (trust me, a half is enough!), 1/4 glass of Prosecco, 1/4 glass of red moscato and 1/4 glass of Cran-Apple juice. Add a splash of your favorite if there's still room to reach the top of the glass! 
  3. Add a few leaves of mint, a few slices of lime and a handful of cranberries. 
  4. Decorate with a cute paper straw!

Sidenote: The raspberry cheese and Alouette spread earlier are TO DIE FOR!! 

If you missed it... 

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Next week, we will learn about pour painting!! (Seen Above) Stay tuned! 

Ushvani Jagdeo