John Novak | 49er Graduate | Charlotte, NC


What degree(s) are you earning? What do you plan on doing after graduation?

Bachelor of Science in Economics. I plan on working for a larger company in Charlotte performing data analytics. 



What organizations were you involved in?  

None. I've worked at a Marketing Internship with Polymershapes and have interest in politics, NASCAR, hunting, and disc golf. 



Favorite spot on campus and why?

My favorite spot on campus is probably the botanical gardens, it is a great place to go on a small walk and enjoy nature while on campus.



What has been your favorite memory at UNC Charlotte?

My favorite memory was going to the inaugural UNCC football game. 



Most valuable lesson learned during your college career? 

The most valuable lesson I have learned is to effectively manage your time with school and work, while always making some time for leisurely activities to have fun and reduce stress. 


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