UNC Charlotte 49er Graduate | Hot Spot Series | The Front Lake

Location, location, location! 

Amidst the exams, social events and everything else life has thrown at you -- picking the location to your senior session is probably the last thing on your mind. Upon booking a date with me, you will have to narrow your choices down to 1-3 locations (depending on whether you choose a mini or full session). I've created a "Hot Spot Series" to help you weigh the pros and cons of each area,  so that you feel more than confident in your session! 

Let's start with the positives! 

The reflections off of the water are to die for! Talk about dreamy lighting! 

There are plants, lining the perimeter of the lake. These are perfect for adding a little extra "oomph" and depth to your session! We can play with layering the greenery around you, for you artsy lovers! 

For many students, the front lake had a very special meaning them. Lots of clients have mentioned going to lake to clear their mind during at stressful times. 

There is beauty all around, even below your feet! The pebbles make a great background for detail shots of your cap and props. 

And for the negatives... 

Not many people recognize this as part of campus. It doesn't SHOUT college! BUT it makes for glamorous portraits that are sure to be hung on the wall. 

Cars in the background. Especially during class change time! Typically we can avoid this if we wait an extra few seconds for them to pass! 

Parking. The closest parking that you will be able to "honestly" use is Cone Deck. A hack for this could be to have a friend tag along to the portrait session with you that is willing to hang out in the car at the loading area. 

Overall, you can't go wrong choosing the lake! You're sure to shine here! 
Ushvani Jagdeo