On Wednesdays, We Craft! | Week 4 | January Decor


The gifts have been exchanged, you have eaten your body weight in food and the trees have shed their aromatic leaves to your living room floor... just like that, the holiday season is over. Time to take the lights down and somehow store the hundreds of gift bags, bows and wrapping paper you bought on sale. 

But, what in the world are you supposed to do between now and Spring? It's way too early to break out the lavender pots and dining napkins. I found myself pondering this last week. How can you make your house a home? 

Sidenote: WoodWick candles are amazing and are my new favorite!! They crackle as they burn and it sounds like a cozy fireplace. Talk about a homey night in! Currently relaxing to Ginger Flower and Cool Linen.

I went to Pinterest for inspiration and found quite a bit! It seems like the January trends included... #pinecones #snowflakes #allthingswhite #lotsofsilver #glass #deer #antlers #cabininthewoods #mountains #mittens #burlap #whitecloth #fur #woodchips #robins #stringlights 

Here's What You'll Need...

  • Glass Jars ($4-6 // Hobby Lobby) 
    • ou can typically find glassware 50% off  
  • Snowflakes ($4 // Hobby Lobby) 
    • Buy these on Christmas decor clearance ;) 
  • Pinecones ($4 // Michaels) 

It's a super easy craft that literally takes less than 5 minutes to make! Very low skill needed :) 

  1. Stack pinecones. Be sure to buy a pack that has a variety of sizes, including baby ones!
  2. Add snowflakes. Sprinkle them directly into the sides of the pinecones before putting them inside. 
  3. You're literally done!!

See? That was easy! Low maintenance and it looks super clean on a dining room table. PS: The "gather" napkin holders are from the Hearth & Hand line from Target. (As you know, I'm a huge Fixer Upper fan! #shiplap) 

If you're wanting to get your hands a little dirty with the glue bottle, consider "flocking" the pinecones (as seen in the wreath above -- modeled by my one and only pupperoni, Charlie). You can simply do this with glue and white glitter! Flocking a Christmas tree (making that frosted leaf look) is all the rage now. 

Send me photos of your creations! I love that I got so many photos of your paint and pours last week!!! We'll have a more hands-on craft next week! ;) 

Ushvani Jagdeo