On Wednesday, We Craft! | Week 5 | Paint Chips


It's a lot easier than it looks, I promise!! 

Have you ever been tempted to take a stack of those magazine-spread worthy paint chips from the hardware store? Now is your chance! 

Here's What You'll Need... 

  • Paint Chips ($0 // Home Depot or Lowe's)
  • 3 small canvases ($2.50+ // Michaels) 
    • Take advantage of their 66% off canvas sales to get this price!
  • Mod Podge or Varnish ($1+ // Dollar Store or Michaels)
  1. Cut paint chips into various sizes of triangles. Don't use the white edges that separate the colors. Be sure to avoid the printed names of the colors. 
  2. Arrange... This part takes the longest. I'd suggest waiting until the end to glue it all down, to make sure that things are balanced. 
  3. Glue... Glue sticks will cause the paint chips to buckle, so be sure to glue the edges carefully. This is the second hardest part. Pick the pieces up as you go, but know that you probably won't glue it back in its original spot. (Point in case, my strawberry didn't look that crazy before I glued it, but hey -- it's art! ;)) 
  4. Coat with Mod Podge!
Ushvani Jagdeo